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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2514 – The Pride of Ants! train daughter
It had been Ye Yuan’s novice showing the World Sword Formation when in front of absolutely everyone. But absolutely everyone could tell that the transfer merged together four terrific principles!
His coronary heart shook significantly. It was actually really his novice encountering this type of powerless struggle.
Just an inches short!
As well as the existing him did actually have crawled out from a pool of blood stream, relatively wretched to the extreme from head to toe.
But Ye Yuan found out that his sword lighting have a bit nearer to the light blue-robed youngsters!
Ye Yuan could not withstand it, sickness sizeable mouthfuls of blood all over again.
Chi! Chi! Chi!
Quite a few sword light-weight flashed, changing into streaks of rainbow, going directly to the violet-robed youth.
Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh
Even so, his gaze was unprecedentedly firm.
Missing all believe!
“True Dragon Intense Armour!”
Individuals powerhouses distant were collectively provided speechless.
This has been the power of 1 finger!
This finger was way too sturdy!
Nevertheless, this poke could poke a hole inside the heavens!
People powerhouses a long way away were actually collectively provided speechless.
The turmoil divine heart and soul within his entire body gushed out, urging the sword development frenziedly without heed for his existence.
“True Dragon Significant Armor!”
The sword signals that coated the sky could not bear it anymore and collapsed with a excessive bang.
the husband’s secret
It turned out still a single finger!
Suddenly, the sword lamps that dealt with the skies faded without a locate!
On the other hand, the glowing blue-robed younger years did not have the goal of retaliating.
“I … Are my sight faltering me?”
The impression that the world brought to them was seriously as well solid.
Ye Yuan’s pupils restricted. His divine sensation was really can not lock to the blue colored-robed younger years.
“Not terrible. Setting up a universe which has a sword development, it has quite the implication of Great Dao. This proceed is just not awful.”
Nevertheless, his gaze was unprecedentedly company.
Even if there was clearly the True Dragon Powerful Armour in conjunction with the ideal Nine Transformations Great Body, forcefully benefiting from this finger, he almost died!
Out of the blue, the sword lighting that protected the atmosphere vanished without any locate!

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